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2014 World Under - 17 Hockey Challenge

The Opportunity

Hockey Canada and the local steering committee were in need of a company to create a local branding strategy for the upcoming World Under 17 Hockey Challenge. 902 Advertising Group was tasked with creating the branding, which included,  Logo, Slogan, Newspaper Ads, Posters and the Corporate Sponsorship Packages.

The Solution

902 Advertising Group held multiple focus groups to learn what the public would like to see out of a local branding campaign for such a prestigious tournament. We also stayed engaged with the steering committee to make sure all goals were achieved. From the data that we received, we knew that the public wanted to show Hockey Canada, the teams traveling from abroad and the world, a warm welcome to our beautiful island. We were able to deliver a logo that showed the beauty of our island and a slogan that was strong, meaningful and most important, inviting. Once the concepts were accepted by the steering committee and Hockey Canada, we began working on the Corporate Sponsorship Booklets, Newspaper Ads and Posters to make sure all branding was synchronized. 


Hockey Canada Sponsor booklet U-17-mocku
Hockey Canada Sponsor Booklet U-17-mocku
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