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7 Reasons why Google Adwords can help grow your business.

You may have heard of Google AdWords, but aren’t too sure if it is an effective way to market your business. If you feel like you’re missing out, it’s because you probably are. Let’s educate you on what it is, and how you can use it to grow your business.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is a pay-per-click service that takes advantage of Google’s search results, and allows businesses and advertisers to target certain words, causing their ads to show up as results when those words are entered into the search engine. These words are bid on by competing businesses, and an advertiser is only charged if a person clicks on their ad.

In layman’s terms, AdWords lets you pay to be a result in Google’s search engine. Since you’re reaching people who have an interest in your market or product, and they’re discovering that your business can help them solve a problem, Google AdWords is one of the best ways to grow your business.

1) Niche Targeting – Part of what makes Google AdWords a successful method of growing your business is the ability to target specific audiences. You’re able to target things like certain languages, browsers, devices, mobile only, desktop only, location (more on that later), even time of day. By setting up multiple keywords in your ad campaign, you can target the right type of customer for your business. Since they initiate the engagement by searching for something in Google, not only are you reaching the right people, you’re reaching them when they want and need your services/stuff.

2) Brand Awareness – By targeting specific keywords, you’re ensuring that your business shows up in results regardless if a customer searches directly for the name of your company. By taking the time to think like your customer, you can broaden your keyword selection by choosing words you believe your customers will be searching for. This allows you to put your brand forward and top of mind when a customer searches for things related to your industry. For example: If you run a hair salon, you can set up AdWords to show you in results for keywords such as ‘shampoo’, ‘hair care’, or ‘hair styles’. Even if a customer doesn’t need your product or click your ad, you’re still building the strength of your brand.

3) Drives Word of Mouth – When a happy customer tells their friends about your business, the first thing those friends are going to do is Google you. If your business isn’t showing up in their results, or if they are being directed to your competitors, you’re missing an opportunity to grow your business. AdWords guarantee that your business is at peoples fingertips the second they hear of you, and can even be re-tooled for those people who heard of your great business, but can’t recall your name. Specific keywords allows your ads to show up when certain words are used. For example: if someone heard you give great haircuts, but all they know is that you’re a barber downtown, when they search ‘barber downtown’, they’ll easily find you.

4) Focus Geographically – One of AdWords greatest benefits is the ability to geotarget specific locations. By targeting certain areas, you’re ensuring that your message is being delivered where you want, and you’re business is growing in all of the right places. Precise targeting also helps bring up your ROI by lowering your costs, since you aren’t advertising in any of the areas that are useless to your business.

5) Compete Better – Imagine trying to search for something in Google and not getting the results you wanted. Now imagine trying to search for your own business in Google and only finding your competitors. Using Google AdWords helps you compete in today’s digital age by either leveling the playing field for you with other businesses, or giving you a leg up on them. Either way, not using Google AdWords properly is costing you new business, and driving traffic elsewhere. Your customer IS online. You need to get in front of them while they’re there.

6) Manage and Scale Your Spending – You don’t need a huge budget for Google AdWords. AdWords allows you to manage your campaign by setting a maximum spend per day, as well as increase and decrease the amount you do per day. You’ll always know what is being spent, and if you’re seeing results – or lack thereof – you can scale to suit any budget type.

7) Measure ROI and Adjust to Improve – Unlike SEO, Google AdWords will provide you with precise metrics such as which keywords are and aren’t working, what made your rankings go up or down, click-through-rate, and much more. The convenience of these reports offer you the ability to see what is working, and change your campaign as you see fit. You’ll also be able to follow trends, and take a bit more risk on new markets/words without large repercussions.

AdWords can be a complicated system, and tough to master if you’re a business owner that is busy enough with other priorities. Hiring a team of experts can help you maximize your return on paid advertising, and help you grow your profits. We’re happy to talk to you about successfully accomplishing both! Contact us today!

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