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3 Unexpected Ways Getting Professionally Done Corporate Headshots Will Improve Your Business

Corporate Headshots are a great tool for any business. They show legitimacy, allow clients to properly search for people within your business, and help provide information online for things such as ‘About Us’ pages.

There are plenty of reasons your business should consider getting corporate headshots done:

Your existing headshots are outdated: Have clients and prospects been looking at the same photos (and hairstyles) for years? Your business needs to stay contemporary with the times to prove to clients that you can be relied upon.

You’ve seen some staff turnover: Previous employees are still on your website and newer hires photos don’t match the rest of the team.

Connect your brand across different platforms: Having consistent and up to date photos will help staff with LinkedIN profiles, website bio’s, and even PR collateral or email signatures.

Maybe you never had professional photos taken and it’s time to make that jump towards a clean, professional look. Having photos of your team available for clients is an important step towards building trust and strong relationships.

These are the most common reasons why most businesses are looking to have headshots done, but have you ever thought of how professionally done team photos could improve your business?

Have you ever considered what impact it could make with your team?

By diving deeper into the importance of professionally done, consistent, purposeful corporate headshots that align with your business and brand, you’ll realize there are lots of unexpected benefits.

1. Show you Understand Your Audience

When prospective clients visit your website or search for you online, just like you want them to have a clear idea on who you are, you need to prove that you know who they are – you understand them, their problems, and have solutions for what they’re looking for.

Corporate headshots are a great way to show that you know your audience. A fun, light-hearted company wouldn’t have everyone in suits and ties. The same as a law firm wouldn’t have everyone in board shorts and Hawaiian shirts.

E-Commerce giant ETSY proves that they understand their audience by having unique corporate photos that are both classy and lighthearted. They understand the casual nature of their entrepreneur clientele, but also need to prove that they’re professionals.

The goal is to use this as a touchpoint in your relationship with clients – and theirs with you. Show them who you are as well as how you relate to them.

2. Boost Morale within Your Team

There are plenty of ways to build stronger connections within your team. A favorite among most employees are days where they get to spend a little time away from the desk and have fun casual time with fellow employees. A birthday party in the conference room, a team lunch, or even getting together for a photoshoot!

Doing corporate headshots is a great opportunity to shoot some life into the relationship between the business and its staff, plus have some fun along the way.

At Humaan, they get everyone in on the fun and show that off to those watching. Customers get to see inside their business, and the staff get to build important connections within their team.

Getting corporate headshots doesn’t need to be a serious event. Use this time to gather and build the bond between employees. Your staff will be happy, and that happiness will shine through to your clients!

3. Show Personality

Yes, Corporate Headshots are about brand improvement, but headshots are mainly about individuals. But not just any individuals. These are the people who make your business run smoothly.

Professionally done headshots will bring the best out of your staff and highlight some of the aspects that make them amazing. Corporate photos are an excellent way to let them show off their own personalities and display why they’re important to your brand.

Great examples of this can be found on Their website shows off the personality of both their brand and their staff members with professional pictures that change when scrolled over.

Pictures are worth a thousand words. By inviting others to have a real glimpse of the people in your business, you’re allowing them to build the trust they need to do business with you.

Most businesses don’t consider the impact bringing a professional in to take corporate headshots will have on their business.

However contemporary headshots are an excellent way to show off your brand, connect with your existing and prospective clientele, encourage valuable team building, and most importantly highlight the people who make your business run!

Contact our team today and book your next corporate headshots!


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