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4 Ways to get more customers with a Google Ad Campaign

The world of online advertising can be a daunting place. With the big retail juggernauts out there, how can you feel confident in running a successful Google Ads campaign without wasting your money?

Thankfully, there are some simple things your business can do in order to set you apart from your competition, put you in front of future customers, and guarantee your campaign is successful.

1. Know What You Want to Accomplish

If you want to run a successful Google Ads campaign, make sure you have a clear definition of what a successful campaign would be. The effectiveness of Google Ads can be subjective based on what you’re trying to accomplish.

Choosing a couple words you think connect nicely with your business, then hoping people who search those terms end up on your website – it’s not that simple. Like any marketing campaign, you’re going to need a plan. Any plan begins with knowing what you want in the end.

What are your needs? What is your audience doing online? Are you trying to increase conversions from your website? Or are you trying to drive people into your store? If you can’t answer any of these questions, it’s time to pump the breaks because you’re not ready to launch your campaign yet.

Clearly defined goals will impact how you implement your strategy, benchmarks to set for yourself, and guide your hand in making effective changes throughout the campaign. It will also help improve steps 2, 3, and 4.

2. Provide Value to Original Content

When investing in Google Ads, it is worthwhile to also invest in your website and its content. Make sure your website is well designed and optimized. Providing original content such as a blogs, insights into your business, and properly optimized pages will allow Your campaign to drive traffic to your website, and will also ensure a great experience when your customers arrive.

Consumers today want value, and want to know they can trust your business. Having a poorly designed site, or a site where your message isn’t clear, is a fast way to turn people away.

Modify your keyword strategy so you can create new content that ranks within specific niches. Doing this will allow you to apply words and phrases used by your audience that align with their intentions online.

3. Support and enhance SEO

Using paid Google Ads to support an SEO campaign is likely the big step that will separate any business from its competitors.

Keywords help you cultivate relationships with your audience. Paid ad campaigns will target customers who are a bit further out of reach, where SEO keywords put your web content front and center for those with a more immediate interest.

Ensuring that your business has a prime listing position on search engines means you’ll be able to maximize traffic. In fact, making sure that your paid listings are showing up next to your organic listings is a sure fire way to see a higher return on your investment into both.

Working off of an SEO strategy will also be able to provide information about the consumer, their habits, and what they are looking for.

4. Track and Adjust

If your plan for Google Ads is to ‘set it and forget it’, don’t expect the results you’re looking for. Google Ads require some attention and fine tuning as the campaign runs. A little bit of attention, however, will yield big results.

Google Ads allows you to track the success of each word, and make the necessary changes until you find success. If a word isn’t working, scrap it and pick a new one. If a demographic you’ve been targeting isn’t producing leads, shift your attention to a different demographic.

If you’re gathering information from SEO, you can make sure you’re only putting your paid ads in front of qualified potential customers. By taking the time to monitor your campaign and implement positive changes, you’ll be able to reduce wasted ad dollars.

Do your homework and find different things that your niche are searching for or interested in. Explore into sub-niches or new niches to round up more customers. Unlike other mediums of advertising, you’re able to try something new and see how effective it is in real time. Take advantage of this by exploring new avenues that lead to more customers.

Working with a professional strategist to help you break down your goals into a solid plan can be one of the best uses of your advertising dollars.

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