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5 Benefits on Why you Should be Advertising on the Google Display Network

Many businesses are finding advertising success on the Google Display Network.

The Google Display Network (GDN) is a connection of websites, apps and devices that Google can access and showcase ads on.

Google Display Ads allow marketers to connect with more potential customers who are browsing the internet, watching videos, checking email or even using apps.

Display ads are cost efficient, allowing you to stick to a budget and only pay for results, and easy to measure so you can make adjustments to your campaign in order to meet your objective.

But these features are available on other digital marketing platforms. What makes the Google Display Network so great?

1) Targeting Your Audience

Advertising on the Google Display Network allows marketers the ability to target a specific audience and speak to them directly.

Much like other types of digital advertising, the Display Network’s advantage is the ability to get hyper-focused on the audience marketers appear in front of.

With the GDN, you’re able to choose anything from age range, target income, even which devices you want to appear on. Being specific with your targeting allows you to build ads that are attractive to the people you want to be in front of.

2) Broad Reach

As of late 2019, the Google Display Network reached over 90% of internet users.

Appearing on over 2 million sites, the chances that your future customers see ads from the Google Display Network is almost guaranteed.

Ads are displayed to people watching YouTube videos, checking their Gmail, browsing news pages, reading blogs, using mobile apps and any other Google site.

Combined with the ability to target specific demographics, you’re able to tap into broader markets for your business.

3) Getting Creative

We know what you’re thinking. Google offers many other ways to advertise as well. And we don’t want to take away from those opportunities, but you should know the key differences.

Advertising with Google Adwords is important, but we’ll admit it’s a bit… um… boring. Adwords are entirely text. This simple approach is great and works well for Google search, but it requires less creativity and advertisers to be more precise.

With the Google Display Network, you’re able to create more visually appealing ads. You don’t need to rely on strategically formatted text ads. You can create beautiful content to showcase your brand and attract even more customers.

4) Building your Brand

Combining visual elements with reach and targeting allows for businesses to properly brand themselves online.

You’ve spent the time and money on great logos, colour schemes, graphic design and a great website. You should be able to give people a sample of this in your advertising.

The GDN is all about encouraging viewers to notice who you are and engage with your advertisement. This offers businesses and marketers the opportunity to reinforce their ads with a strong call to action that attracts clicks and drives traffic.

5) Non-Intrusive Approach

Best of all, ads on Google’s Display Network find the perfect balance of catching the user's attention without being too pushy.

Unlike pop-up ads or commercials, these ads don’t disrupt what the user is doing. Well placed and designed ads will attract the users eye, but they’ll never be forced away from reading that article or watching that video they were originally online for.

That leaves it up to the business to properly target an audience, then brand the ad with the right message or call to action.


We’ve been helping our clients create ads and deploy their campaigns across the Display Network with tremendous success, mostly thanks to the ability to tap into specific target audiences with on-brand ads we know they’ll love.

Contact us now and we can walk you through how to run a successful ad campaign on Google’s Display Network!

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